Wax On the outskirts of the small English town of Riverpool stands a waxwork museum where several people have died under mysterious circumstances Sonia Thompson a young journalist is determined to get

  • Title: Wax
  • Author: Ethel Lina White
  • ISBN: 9781941147597
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • On the outskirts of the small English town of Riverpool stands a waxwork museum, where several people have died under mysterious circumstances.Sonia Thompson, a young journalist, is determined to get to the bottom of the strange happenings at the waxworks So she resolves to spend a night there alone Surrounded by gruesome wax figures of madmen and murderers in the evil cOn the outskirts of the small English town of Riverpool stands a waxwork museum, where several people have died under mysterious circumstances.Sonia Thompson, a young journalist, is determined to get to the bottom of the strange happenings at the waxworks So she resolves to spend a night there alone Surrounded by gruesome wax figures of madmen and murderers in the evil chamber where someone has already met his death, Sonia suddenly feels terror grip her For slowly, ever so slowly, the horrible wax figures seem to be coming to life .One of the most popular crime novelists of the 1930s and 40s, Ethel Lina White 1876 1944 is best known as the author of the books that inspired the films The Spiral Staircase and The Lady Vanishes This new edition of Wax 1935 , a brilliant mixture of horror and mystery, is the first in decades and reproduces the original jacket artNTEMPORARY REVIEWS A really notable achievement in the macabre Time and Tide White has mastered the difficult art of writing a mystery horror tale New York Times Gave me the best thrill I have had for some time moments of authentic gooseflesh Compton Mackenzie

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      432 Ethel Lina White
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    About “Ethel Lina White

    1. Ethel Lina White says:

      Ethel Lina White 1876 13 August 1944 was a British crime writer, best known for her novel The Wheel Spins 1936 , on which the Alfred Hitchcock film, The Lady Vanishes 1938 , was based.Born in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales, in 1876, White started writing as a child, contributing essays and poems to children s papers Later she began to write short stories, but it was some years before she wrote books.She left employment in a government job working for the Ministry of Pensions in order to pursue writing Her writing was to make her one of the best known crime writers in Britain and the USA during the 1930s and 40s.Her first three works, published between 1927 and 1930, were mainstream novels Her first crime novel, published in 1931, was Put Out the Light Although she has now faded into obscurity, in her day she was as well known as such writers like Dorothy L Sayers and Agatha Christie.She died in London in 1944 aged 68 Her works have enjoyed a revival in recent years with a stage adaptation of The Lady Vanishes touring the UK in 2001 and the BBC broadcast of an abridged version on BBC Radio 4 as well as a TV adaptation by the BBC in 2013 from

    2 thoughts on “Wax

    1. 3.7 for me Wax is a novel first published in 1935, one that is heavy on atmosphere from the first page on. The story begins when, at two a.m. Mr. Ames, who along with his wife serves as a caretaker for the old waxworks museum just outside of the small town of Riverpool, wakes up and remembers that he may have left a candle burning in "the Horrors." When his wife goes to investigate, she gets a creepy vibe from the wax figures, "a company of -- poisoners" whom she felt "resented her presence," si [...]

    2. Gut lesbarer klassischer Krimi, der wie ein alter S/W-Film vor den Augen des Leser abläuft. Dreh- und Angelpunkt ist ein Wachsfigurenkabinett, das dem Krimi einen netten Hauch von Horror / Übernatürlichem verleiht ("Alles scheint hier in einer geheimnisvollen Wechselbeziehung zum Panoptikum zu stehen"). Die junge und selbstbewusste Sonia, neu zugezogen in Riverpool, um ihre Karriere als Journalistin zu beginnen, lernt hier einige skurrile Charaktere kennen. Doch bald steht das Panoptikum im Z [...]

    3. Is Wax a supernatural shocker or a murder mystery or something else entirely? Based on some of the other reviews I glanced at, your mileage may well vary based on which of those you expect, and which you want. So let me say, without any further spoilers than this, that while there are plenty of horror flourishes when describing the Waxwork itself and its haunting figures, there is never really a horror or supernatural element to Wax.As to whether it's a murder mystery or something else I'll lea [...]

    4. “’[…] Well, Will You Call Me ‘Thompson’, and Treat Me Just Like a Man?’”Sonia Thompson, protagonist of Ethel Lina White’s crime novel Wax, is an enterprising and self-confident young woman, whose dream it is to be a well-known journalist one day. Only the Riverpool Chronicle, where she starts her career, does not seem such a grand outset since Riverpool is one of those sleepy little towns that offer little in the way of sensation, whose coverage would enable her to live up to her [...]

    5. Like her counterpart — though their approach was much different — across the pond in America, Cornell Woolrich, Ethel Lina White has fallen out of fashion in our day. Also like him, a number of her works were adapted for radio or film. Most notably, her 1934 book, Some Must Watch, was adapted by Robert Siodmak as The Spiral Staircase for film, and her 1936 novel, The Wheel Spins, was the loose basis for Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes.I had been wanting to read Wax for ages, mainly because I [...]

    6. Wax introduces us to the town of Riverpool along with rookie journalist Sonia, who is fascinated by the seedy waxworks museum. Odd things are afoot in Riverpool and we know from the opening pages that things are inexorably drawing to a nail-biting nighttime confrontation in the waxworks' Hall Of Horrors. This successfully concludes my quest to read every Ethel Lina White book available online (hint: Project Gutenberg Australia has the best collection). Once again, the only thing I don't like abo [...]

    7. This was my first Ethel Lina White murder mystery book, and it most certainly will not be my last. White is a fabulous storyteller, balancing laugh out loud funny / bone chilling fright with perfection, as our poor newbie heroine attempts to solve a series of murders immediately after starting her new job on a small town paper. Running through an elaborate cast of mysterious characters, including an even more mysterious and spooky old wax museum, WAX has got it all. If you love the great old RKO [...]

    8. Technically this is more of a 2.5 stars, because while it is beautifully written with excellent descriptions and characterisation I was lead to believe that it had a supernatural element - which it does not. Therefore while it is a charming old murder mystery style novel and certainly well written enough to keep me reading, I was disappointed and not that keen on the plot as it was. I'm passing it over to my dad, who likes those kind of books, to see if he enjoys it.

    9. The cover is what attracted me to the book was the title. The summary inside and the fact that it had been written back in the 1930s in England made it more attractive. I enjoy reading books from the past.Sonia Thompson has set out to live on her own and become a reporter. She takes a job in the small town of Riverpool at the local paper. Being it is a small town, so is the paper. It isn't the humming a busy place she had read about in books, but instead a sleepy publication with an odd staff of [...]

    10. A pesar de la genialidad de "La escalera de caracol", este "El museo de la muerte" tiene momentos brillantes pero no brilla. Quizá por el desorden de la trama, quizá porque no deja claro qué nos quiere contar hasta bastante avanzada la novela.A pesar de ello, cuenta con magníficos momentos de suspense como veo que es habitual en la autora.

    11. Another quick and easy read from this author which, once again, has a great atmosphere but a very predictable mystery.

    12. Little known today, White was popular in her time (1930s and 1940s), especially for her two novels adapted into films: The Wheel Spins (filmed by Alfred Hitchcock as one of his early classics, The Lady Vanishes) and Some Must Watch (which became the equally classic Robert Siodmak film, The Spiral Staircase). Although re-marketed in the 1960s as a lowbrow writer of lady-in-peril-running-away-from-a-sinister-looking-gothic-mansion paperbacks, White was much more than that. So it's welcome to see t [...]

    13. Did I get confused? Was it supposed to be scary, suspensful or thrilling? Wax is a great title but here wasted on an all-over-the-place story with a few bones without meat. The main character is thrown into the narrative without any clue whatsoever, and is not supported by a great cast either - none are memorable or well pictured. I can't say there are no good ideas underneath. It's just that the result is shamefully sterile and flat. I can't believe this was written a year after Some Must Watch [...]

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