Lankhmar From the moment when they first met in the commission of the same audacious theft Fafhrd the giant barbarian warrior from the Cold Waste and the Gray Mouser master thief novice wizard and exper

  • Title: Lankhmar
  • Author: Fritz Leiber
  • ISBN: 9780575082748
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the moment when they first met, in the commission of the same, audacious theft, Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior from the Cold Waste, and the Gray Mouser, master thief, novice wizard and expert swordsman, felt no ordinary affinity Forged over the gleam of sharpened steel as, back to back, they faced their foes, theirs was a friendship that would take them from advFrom the moment when they first met, in the commission of the same, audacious theft, Fafhrd, the giant barbarian warrior from the Cold Waste, and the Gray Mouser, master thief, novice wizard and expert swordsman, felt no ordinary affinity Forged over the gleam of sharpened steel as, back to back, they faced their foes, theirs was a friendship that would take them from adventure to misadventure across all of Nehwon, from the caves of the inner earth to the waves of the outer sea But it was in the dark alleys and noisome back streets of the great fog shrouded city of Lankhmar that they became legends THE FIRST BOOK OF LANKHMAR includes the first four volumes of the hugely enjoyable Swords series.

    Lankhmar Tales of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Fritz The world of Lankhmar is a well known one for fans of sword and sorcery Leiber s work has long been recommended to to me, but I was never able to find the books, given that they are out of print. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser The majority of the stories are set in the fictional world of Nehwon ne hwon, or Nowhen backwards contrasted to Samuel Butler s Erehwon Nowhere Many of them take place in and around its greatest city, Lankhmar.It is described as a world like and unlike our own. Return to Lankhmar Fritz Leiber Return to Lankhmar Fritz Leiber on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are on the trail of mischief and mayhem once again in the third volume of White Wolf s four volume series Includes The Swords of Lankhmar and Swords and Ice Magice. Goodman Games Store Gen Con Program Guide The Black Heart of Thakulon the Undying List of Dungeons Dragons modules Coded modules Module codes in brackets indicate implied codes either by earlier advertising or place in a series some of these modules did not actually have codes printed on the cover. CASUS BELLI Black Book Editions Cannes , deuxime journe d interviews sur la Casus TV La deuxime journe du Festival International des jeux de Cannes est termine et la Casus TV revient avec moultes interviews William Gibson Boston Brookline, tonight, is the final date of the North American leg of the tour EUward ho, Tuesday, via Montreal but alas only its airport. Mythic Wikipdia Le charme rompu, recueil de nouvelles fantastiques en collaboration avec Frank Andriat, Cyclope Dem, Bruxelles, Le marchand de souvenirs, recueil de nouvelles fantastiques en collaboration avec Jean Lhassa, Centre d Art d Ixelles, Bruxelles, .

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    1. Fritz Leiber says:

      Fritz Reuter Leiber, Jr was one of the interesting of the young writers who came into HP Lovecraft s orbit, and some of his best early short fiction is horror rather than sf or fantasy He found his mature voice early in the first of the sword and sorcery adventures featuring the large sensitive barbarian Fafhrd and the small street smart ish Gray Mouser he returned to this series at various points in his career, using it sometimes for farce and sometimes for gloomy mood pieces The Swords of Lankhmar is perhaps the best single volume of their adventures Leiber s science fiction includes the planet smashing The Wanderer in which a large cast mostly survive flood, fire, and the sexual attentions of feline aliens, and the satirical A Spectre is Haunting Texas in which a gangling, exo skeleton clad actor from the Moon leads a revolution and finds his true love Leiber s late short fiction, and the fine horror novel Our Lady of Darkness, combine autobiographical issues like his struggle with depression and alcoholism with meditations on the emotional content of the fantastic genres Leiber s capacity for endless self reinvention and productive self examination kept him, until his death, one of the most modern of his sf generation.

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    1. Forget the historical import of these stories - everyone and their uncle will tell you how influential Leiber's conception of fantasy was - and instead I'll concentrate on the quality of the stories for a present-day reader.Swords and Deviltry: Prequels to the whole saga, written 30 years after it first started. The first two stories are perfectly acceptable and not-quite-believable origin stories. I had some fun with Fafhrd's romantic hijinks and entanglements and the French farce-style enterin [...]

    2. Leiber escribe como los dioses, se nota en su prosa dinámica y cuidada, no aburre nunca y la narración es una especie de montaña rusa literaria: sube de a poco hasta las cimas para después arrojarnos en caída libre, si cabe la comparación. Este primer libro del ciclo de Lankhmar incluye las 4 primeras novelas que se publicaron, las dos primeras (Espadas y Nigromantes y Espadas contra la muerte en 1970 y las dos últimas, Espadas en la niebla y Espadas contra la Magia en 1968) a modo de tom [...]

    3. Robert E. Howard meets William Shakespeare. Pretty pleasant read, except I wish I had read it twenty years ago.

    4. This Fantasy Masterworks volume compiles the first four books of the Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser series, each book being itself comprised of various short stories and novellas written at different times (the article has a rundown of all the stories, when they were written and in which book they can be found). The titular characters are Fafhrd, a giant barbarian from the frozen north and the Grey Mouser, a small roguish man with some sorcerous training. The first two stories of the first book con [...]

    5. Swords and Sorcery at its bestAs part of a generation raised on Elves, Dragons, and Vampire knock offs, Leiber's tales brought a refreshing change from the countless Tolkien imitators that dominate the market. Almost immediately, you're struck at how rational these characters are - concerned as they are with self-preservation and motivation for their own ends. They don't run off at the drop of a hat to save the world from a dark lord or rescue a damsel in distress. If anything, if the pay's good [...]

    6. Fritz Leiber is a wonderfully interesting writer, though I found that his stories are best enjoyed in small sips. Though his heroes are verily interesting and his world is grand and interesting, he can get a bit tiring in longer runs. Had I pushed myself to finish the entire anthology in one attempt, I may have had some large qualms with it.But with breaks between reading sessions, this proved quite pleasant. All in all I've found that "Swords in the mist" has been the best of the bunch, with "S [...]

    7. Immensely fun romp through the bedrock of modern fantasy with two engaging and enjoyable characters, until the constant overwriting and simmering misogyny begins to chafe just a little too often and a little too constantly for comfort. Cut the reading experience into quarters along the dotted lines described by the volumes that make up the book, and refresh your palate in between them, and this remains a thoroughly fun experience. It just requires the reader to be understanding of its real world [...]

    8. Read this to keep yourself young. The stories can be a bit formulaic, but what a great formula: the classic odd-couple, bonded through manly adventure. The fantasy is extravagent with a feeling of newness even for seasoned fantasy readers. I found the writing very well-crafted, especially for stories which make absolutely no literary pretense: just solidly crafted plot and prose. Read it to please yourself, or to pass along to a young reader in your life. I _wish_ I'd read this when I was 12.

    9. Somewhat dated, this still mostly holds up as one leg of the triad of inspiration for most fantasy authors of the past few decades. Leiber uses words like Monet uses paint, subtly and slightly to produce vivid images.

    10. Si te gusta la fantasia tienes que leer las aventuras de Fafhrd y el Ratonero Gris porque sin duda te van a encantar, y si ademas eres jugador de rol no puedes perderte una de las obras que inspiro a lso creadores del D&D.

    11. Tras leer la presentación de Pau Martínez, estaba motivado para adentrarme en las novelas de Lankhmar pero he de reconocer que me costó cogerle el punto, hasta la historia de Garras Nocturnas no acabé de engancharme.Pero es innegable que las historias de Fafhrd y el Ratonero gris son sinónimo de aventura fantástica, elaborada con gran ingenio y derroche de imaginación. A cada nueva historia, disfrutaba un poco más de los personajes.Me ha sorprendido la rapidez y la crudeza con la que el [...]

    12. It's taken me the best part of three years to read this, be mostly unimpressed, and then forget that I actually read it. That's why I've only just "finished" it. Sorry, but Leiber's heroes might well be one of the ur-texts of modern fantasy, but like a lot of early Moorcock, they're less relevant and less impressive than they sound these days. When you add in Pratchett's affectionate lampoons of the characters and try to go back to these tales, you realise that they haven't aged all that well. S [...]

    13. A thick book of stories, this volume is packed with some of the best sword and sorcery I've read in a long time and really confirms that Leiber was one of the stars in the genre's firmament. Written as short stories, which suits both the sword and sorcery genre and the characters, the narratives within have a different texture to those I've read to other writers of the genre, whilst losing nothing of the strangeness or wildness that make it one of the more interesting sections of the fantasy gen [...]

    14. I suspect this is not one book, but five books in one binding.In fact, it's not even that. It's a few dozen short pulpy adventure tales, divided into five nominal books, bound together as one volume. All the stories star Fafhrd (a red-haired barbarian from the far North) and the Grey Mouser (a short, grey-wearing guy) as they adventure and quest around their world, and, in one particularly bizarre volume, ours. It's over 600 pages of pulpy fantasy, so kudos for being entertaining enough for me t [...]

    15. En plena fiebre de Juego de tronos, en pleno delirio por todo lo que acontece en Poniente, tan solo os pido unos minutos de vuestra atención para que, juntos, desviemos nuestras miras hacia otras tierras, diferentes, pero similares a la par. Dejadme que os hable un poco de Nehwon, el mundo al que dio vida uno de los escritores más influyentes en lo que respecta al subgénero de la fantasía épica, Fritz Leiber.Continúa la reseña en franciscotamaral/projec

    16. Before reading this book I’d heard a lot about it. The saga of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Fritz Leiber was apparently responsible for the invention of the term, “Sword and Sorcery”. With this in mind I had high expectations, hopes and anticipations. Unfortunately, I really didn’t like this book, which is actually a prequel to a more expansive series, at all.Firstly, the book isn’t actually a coherent novel, it’s a collection of three novellas with an introduction describing the im [...]

    17. [Review of the first book in the omnibus, 'Swords and Deviltry', only.]3 starsRead 17th July 2013Reasonably entertaining early sword & sorcery from the Fantasy Masterworks series. I may be damming it with faint praise here, but at least A) it's not as dated as many from that period, and B) it's not as self-important as many from that period! It knows how to have some fun, and I quite enjoyed the time I spent with the two likeable protagonists. I wasn't particularly happy with the very ending [...]

    18. Originally posted at FanLit.I must confess that I had some preconceived notions about Fritz Leiber’s work. Because he’s credited with coining the phrase “Sword & Sorcery,” and because I never hear women talking about his stories, I imagined that they appealed mainly to men who like to read stuff that has covers like these:But, four factors made me decide to give Fritz Leiber a try:I feel the need to be “educated” in the field of fantasy, which means that I should read novels that [...]

    19. This book, probably the only reasonably priced collection of the first four books dealing with the adventures of the Northern barbarian Fafhrd and once-wizard-later-thief Gray Mouser, took a long time to be completed. Although it contains four books (Swords and Deviltry, Swords Against Death, Swords in the Mist, and Swords Against Wizardry), they encompass several stand-alone or inter-connected stories of varying pace & nature. Overall, thesr stories redefine the genre we broadly term as fan [...]

    20. It was alright, I guess. Nothing stellar, nothing very much enjoyable, actually I'm somewhat disappointed. After hearing a lot about this being a must-read for fantasy fans, part of the classics and so forth, I was expecting something better.The characters are alright, but the plots tend to be somewhat muddled and rather uninspired perhaps. Can't exactly put my finger on it, but there weren't many times when I said "that is cool" or "Ok, this is interesting". I had to force myself through the bo [...]

    21. Lähes täydellistä pre-Tolkien-fantasiaa. Pulpin riemuvoitto. Leiberin Lankhmar, varkaiden kaupunki, on ehkä M. John Harrisonin Viriconiumiakin merkittävämpi fantasialokaatio. Fafhrd-barbaari ja velho/varas/swashbuckler Grey Mouser ovat myös pulp-fantasian eräs ikimuistoisimmista antisankaripareista. Näitä kahtahan Michael Chabon lainaa Gentlemen of the Roadissa. On mielenkiintoista, että kerronta alkaa junnata ja hahmot muuttuvat tylsiksi heti kun Lankhmarista lähdetään muualle, ik [...]

    22. Possibly this book of four books rates as two or three, even though Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser become worse than the thieves they are. By book two or three it became disturbing, and such fantasy is not real anyway. In book three they purposely burn down their house when their girlfriends are inside, who die, because they had wanted to be rid of them, though maybe not by killing them, which they perhaps regret, but it seems the characters have weak moral character, so I stopped reading where that [...]

    23. Magnífica saga mítica de la fantasía.Los libros de aventuras del gigantesco bárbaro Fafhrd y su pequeño compañero el Ratonero son pequeñas joyas de la literatura fantástica llenas de alicientes. Además de resultar superentretenidos y rebosantes de ritmo, destilan humor y originalidad por cada una de sus páginas.No en vano, su autor Fritz Leiber es uno de los autores más premiados del género.Absolutamente recomendables para todo tipo de lector.

    24. I guess it shouldn't be too surprising that a collection of stories this big is a mixed bag. Sadly, the weakest stories start off the collection. The characters are hardly recognizable in their origin stories. My advice to anyone new to the series is to skip to ll Met in Lankhmar and read forward from there.

    25. This is really an anthology of Fafhrd and Grey Mouser stories in internal chronological order (not in the order that the stories were written but in the chronology as it relates to the characters) as such it is a bit hit and miss. The hits, however, are more than worth it, with Ill Met in Lankhmar, the Nebula and Hugo winner story at the end of the first book being the definite stand-out.

    26. Collecting Fritz Leiber's first four Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser books, THE FIRST BOOK OF LANKHMAR contains some of the best swords-and-sorcery tales out there. High points include 1959's "Lean Times in Lankhmar," 1963's "Bazaar of the Bizarre," and 1964's "The Lords of Quarmall." Great stuff!

    27. this started out really slowly and i was considering dropping iti continued and the art seemed to get better and the stories got better so i did finish it. not my favorite graphic novel and one i would reserve for those 9th grade and above.

    28. Leiber is one my favorite authors in the genre - excellent prose, engaging characters, and a refreshingly roguish and irreverent sense of humor. The Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser adventures are a blast - absolute classics and the most enjoyable "sword and sorcery" stories I have ever read by far.


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