Z Rex Adam Adlar helps Dad test ultimate video game in Santa Fe desert Fired employee Sam Josephs s is a corporate spy steals regeneration data kidnaps Dad A last text says take evidence to old pal J

  • Title: Z. Rex
  • Author: Steve Cole
  • ISBN: 9780399252532
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Adam Adlar 13 helps Dad test ultimate video game in Santa Fe desert Fired employee Sam Josephs 30s is a corporate spy, steals regeneration data, kidnaps Dad A last text says take evidence to old pal Jeff Hayden in Edinburgh Scotland Is the brain fried Zenith beyond Tyrannosaurus Rex talking dinosaur who calls himself Zed enemy or friend

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    About “Steve Cole

    1. Steve Cole says:

      Also publishes as Stephen Cole Steve Cole is the slightly crazy, highly frantic, millions selling, non stop author of Astrosaurs, Cows In Action, Astrosaurs Academy, The Slime Squad, Z Rex and many other books including several original Doctor Who stories.He used to edit magazines and books but prefers the job of a writer where you can wear pyjamas and eat chocolate all day.Steve just can t stop writing if he does, strange robots appear and jostle him vigorously until he starts again.In his spare time he loves making music, reading old comics, thinking up ideas for new books and slumping in front of a warm TV.

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    1. This book is about a 14 year old boy that meets a evolved Tx and the Zx is made with Adams brain sort of so the Zx has all of Adams memories from a video game. This book is a really amazing Steve Cole book and it was a job well done. I thinkI remember waiting home for my father to come back from work everyday because he needs to go offshore and get oil. In this book Adams dad goes to work because he gets called to go away and work on a project because he needs to work on the Z. rex project, and [...]

    2. Adam Adlar 13 tests video game based on his own brain waves for his dad Bill, in Santa Fe desert. Fired employee Sam (view spoiler)[ Samantha, long straightened hair(hide spoiler)] Josephs 30s innocuous appearance, dark skin is a corporate spy, steals regeneration data, kidnaps Dad. A brain-fried zenith (beyond Tyrannosaurus) Rex calls himself Zed, kills thugs attacking Adam with the boy's own video-game kick combo moves. Dad's last phone text warns against police, asks Adam to take files to old [...]

    3. ** For the full review please check out read2review **I was drawn to this book by the cover. The hardback cover I have has a 3D dinosaur on it with the Z-Rex number plate in its mouth. I read the back and knew immediately that I wanted to read the book.The book started with Adam’s father going away although Adam is unsure why. Until he gets a text saying he is in trouble and Adam must find an old friend of his and get help. Not long after Adam receives the message his house in New Mexico is de [...]

    4. Z.Rex is a story about a 13 year old boy, Adam Adler, and his dad, Bill Adler, who works in the gaming industry trying to perfect the ultra-reality console but is having trouble with financing his dreams. This therefore means that the pair is constantly away from their home in Edinburgh as Bill searches for new companies to finance his research. Since the death of Adams mum, his dad has thrown himself into his work and by doing so neglects his parental duties but the real problem arises when Ada [...]

    5. "Z-Raptor" by Steve Cole is a teens SciFi book that is reasonably written but I found uninspiring. I've tried to figure out why. The book is not terrible but it was not great either.The story: a teenager finds himself confronting a dinosaur that can talk just barely and it has all the self-control of a teenager in fact one particular teenager. The story then jumps from one situation to another s bad guys seems like good guys and then bad guys. His father seems like a good guy then a bad guy, and [...]

    6. Z Rex: The Hunting Book One Stephen ColeImagine if your dad worked as a video game designer. That would be awesome right? And what if his latest design was based on your brainwaves so that when you entered the virtual fighting world, whatever thoughts you had translated into your avatar's actions? Think a karate kick, and BAM! your opponent feels the heel of our shoe. A video game without a controller. Every gamer's dream. So imagine Adam's surprise when his dad (who works a lot and sometimes le [...]

    7. I enjoyed reading that book because at the start it was about this boy (Adam Aldar) having a nightmare by coming across a massive monster called the z-Rex. But it was all a nightmare and he recovered in the end, eventually. His dad works for gaming businesses but then his business gets shutdown and he has to go back to work for a few days so he leaves Adam behind and goes to work and that's when all the action and horror takes place. Now that his dad's business has shutdown and his dad has left [...]

    8. This is a book I received for a VOYA review. I've read (and loved) three of this author's young adult books written under the name Stephen Cole, "The Wereling" werewolf series. This book (written as Steve Cole)is the first in a new series "The Hunting" written for middle grades and up. Thirteen year old Adam loves playing the Ultra-Reality (UR) video games that his father creates. However, UR gets far too real when rogue scientists use his father's technology to regenerate a super intelligent di [...]

    9. Very mediocre. Around the middle of the book, it started to get interesting, but there were some problems. First, there was no character development. They just dove right into the action and drama, so I felt no connection to any of the characters. Second, there was little to no explanation about anything until near the end of the book. Third, this is supposed to be the first in a series of books, but the cliffhanger was a flop. I felt no desire whatsoever to start on the next one. Fourth, beside [...]

    10. This was surprisingly a really good book. The reason I say surprisingly is because the beginning was super boring for me. Once you get into the book it becomes one that you will love. You really feel for Adam because he is going through a big struggle because his dad is missing and he has to do everything. Adam has to go on a very challenging journey, and the action in the book made it seem like it could be a movie. The author thoroughly explains things that are happening and that is what really [...]

    11. I think the book is pretty interesting, however what I didn't care for was that there were some parts that were too unrealistic. And, there were some unpredictable surprises throughout the story. Do I recommend you read this book? Well it depends because many may be disappointed with a big part of the story. On the other hand, you may get attached to the character and the dinosaur. I don't want explain why and spoil it. But some people may like what happens with the character and the dinosaur an [...]

    12. Adam Adlar is 13 years old and living in New Mexico with his father who creates video games. When Dad leaves for a new job, Adam loves the unsupervised life until he gets a mysterious message on his phone from Dad and his apartment is demolished by an invisible monster. On the run from the guys who kidnapped Dad, Adam is picked up literally by a flying z-rex which has been created from fossil remains and biologically enhanced. The z-rex, Zed, can speak and views Adam as his brother. Together, th [...]

    13. This book is like a Hot Pocket. It will likely be devoured, enjoyed and even craved by middle-grade boys, but should be avoided by adults with other options in the freezer. The cover speaks to the reader, in this case, as the story is a fast-paced action adventure with high performance dinosaurs. The better-than-average writing and vocabulary will make this one easy to recommend for reluctant or impatient readers. When reading this book, I get the feeling that Mr. Cole didn't write this book for [...]

    14. I didn't really enjoy the first part of the book, but i understand you need to understand some of their life to get into the story. It got better around the 12th chapter, and got very good during the 15th chapter. My favorite part was the last ten chapters of the book would make a good movie though, but was an ok book. The last ten chapters was the most eventful part of the book.

    15. It was a good book that had a lot of acton beginning and end but was kind of bland in the middle between fights mainly him just thinking or going somewhere. It had things that you wouldn't expect to happen. IT sounded really cool and inspirational and had some goriness but not much and was a overall good book.

    16. I liked the idea of the book's premise. Bringing back dinosaurs and making them the most superior killing machines is an awesome idea. I always enjoy when a book takes something extinct and tries to reinvent it (literally in this case). I thought the Z.Rex was extremely cool. I was a fan of it as a character and I'm going to go ahead and say it was the MAIN character in this book. I had a hard time relating to any of the human players in this 'game' since they are all very generic caricatures of [...]

    17. This was read as librarian at my local primary school (5-13 year olds). I find that it is always good to read books coming into the library, in order to find out who they are best for; what level, what pace, what interest.This is a recent donation from a public library. It will be fine for my 11 to 13 year-old readers who are still into dinosaurs, and it may even be of interest to those (boys) into monster adventures.

    18. It was a good book. All I'm going to say is that the main characters dad goes missing, and it's his job to find him

    19. I Know YouSteve Cole writes Doctor Who books! Why has it taken me so long to read this book? Next to Justine Richards, he is my favorite Doctor Who author. Oh, this is rich! This book is soooo Steve Cole! Look, this book has excitement, suspense, and even a bonding of a sorts. A boy and his dinosaur and his clone and his dad and a traitor and it goes on and on. If you lime dinosaur adventures, you will love thus book. There is no ave group to consider. Must read it. I could not put it down! Read [...]

    20. Adam is 14, his dad works for a computer design company, when he gets a new company to pay for his research he leaves for a couple of days, but when he doesn't return Adam starts to worry, then he gets chased by men with guns who clearly mean to hurt him, but more worrying is the dinosaur chasing him. Who should he be more afraid of?Z.Rex is a highly intelligent dinosaur, he can talk, write, read and logically think situations through. Paired up with Adam they have to save Dad and find out exact [...]

    21. Z-Rex Adam is 14. His dad works for a computer design company. When he gets a new company to pay for his research, he leaves for a couple of days. But when he doesn't return, Adam starts to worry. Then he gets chased by men with guns who clearly mean to hurt him, but more worrying is the dinosaur chasing him. Who should he be more afraid of? Z.Rex is a highly intelligent dinosaur, he can talk, write, read and logically think situations through. Paired up with Adam, they have to save Dad and fi [...]

    22. I listened to the Z. Rex audio book which was very well-done and kept me engrossed on my long drives to and from school. Z. Rex is exactly what it seems: a fun, innovative book targeted towards middle school boys. As a college age female, I'm not the exact demographic (but hey, the audio book was 3 dollars and I was desperate!), however, I still enjoyed the story and the twists and turns it took. I would compare this book to an updated Jurassic Park (and the sequel seems even more similar), but [...]

    23. I like this book because it is very action packed and fast paced it hooked me since the beginning. Its a page turner I could not think of a better book to keep you from getting bored. It is one of my personal farvorite books that I have. It is about 13 year old Adam and his dad that is making an ultra reality virtual video game and it is amazing but when Adam's dad goes missing 77 and some strangers come to take him telling him his father sent him he starting to get suspicious when they are all [...]

    24. Adam Adler 13 tests video game based on his own brain waves for his dad Bill, in Santa Fe desert. Fired employee Sam Josephs 30s innocuous appearance, dark skin is a corporate spy, steals regeneration data, kidnaps Dad. A brain-fried zenith (beyond Tyrannosaurus) Rex calls himself Zed, kills thugs attacking Adam with the boy's own video-game kick combo moves. Dad's last phone text warns against police, asks Adam to take files to old friend Jeff Hayden "early fifties combed-over hair" p 124 back [...]

    25. This is a very interesting book about a thirteen year old kid named Adam and his dad who is making a virtual video game and it is all very realistic.His dad goes on many trips so Adam has a lot of time on his hands so one day Adams dad goes missing and Adam is visted by a stranger and is told to go with him he doesn't trust anything they say but eventually does when they are attacked by a powerful invisible monster devestating everything around him He manages to escape both the strangers and the [...]

    26. 6/7th&upWhile there are a few negatives to this book (the writing is a bit clunky at times, and there's a fair amount of action-based gore), the premise and plot of this story cannot be topped. From page one, the story moves and it never lets up. Reluctant male readers will devour the book thanks to the realistically portrayed teenaged protaganist and his fierce genetically created and enhanced T-Rex captor/companion. I'm looking forward to the sequel (Z. Raptor), which is due to be released [...]

    27. This is definitely not my genre. Creatures are fun, but they're not fascinating. Action sequences don't always hold my attention. But this is a good one. It's about a kid whose father designs video games, and somehow connected to that the father is abducted and the kid ends up on a trip with a chameleon-skinned, flying TRex. It's great, really. :) Surprisingly believable and pretty well written. Not that I'm compelled to read the sequel. But what a killer booktalk.

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